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True Bliss

Holistic Therapy with a Degree Qualified Expert Practitioner

in Stroud and the Cotswolds


Holistic Therapy takes into account the mind, body, emotions and spirit, and the treatments are intended to bring balance between these aspects of wellbeing. Each session is a unique, supportive experience where practitioners take time to really listen, adapting the session to the needs of that person on that day.

Complementary therapy is becoming a respected adjunct to conventional medical care, both as a preventative method of maintaining good health, and also in supporting the management of health issues such as stress, muscular and joint discomfort, menopausal changes, cardiovascular disease, injury and post operative recovery, pregnancy, cancer care and terminal illness, and many more.

Clinical studies into the benefits of various complementary therapy treatments are taking place in academic institutions worldwide with positive outcomes in many research papers published. At True Bliss we integrate an evidence based practice approach in clinical decision making with an intuitive and empathic understanding of each client’s needs, providing proven and effective treatments in a comfortable, loving setting.

Great news for my clients on BUPA healthcare: they will pay for your Reiki and Reflexology treatment with me!!

FHT have recently been speaking to a number of private health insurance providers, including Bupa, about the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register, which was accredited by the Professional Standards Authority as an Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) this January.
We are pleased to let you know that Bupa has just advised the FHT that practitioners registered with an AVR will be reimbursed when providing approved treatments for a Bupa Cashplan policy holder.
Bupa Cashplan has a number of policy products that offer complementary therapy to policyholders including:
  • Reflexology
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki*
*Bupa regularly builds bespoke Cashplan policies for corporate clients, which could potentially include a number of different complementary therapies. Recently, one corporate client requested reiki as part of its policy so in this particular instance, Bupa will cover reiki provided by a suitably qualified practitioner on an AVR, such as the FHT's Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register.
Who is on the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register?
Please note that only qualified and practising FHT Members and FHT Fellows in the UK, who hold one or more of the following qualifications, are eligible to appear on the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register: acupuncture; Alexander technique; aromatherapy; body massage; Bowen technique; counselling; cranio-sacral therapy; healing; homeopathy; hypnotherapy; kinesiology; microsystems acupuncture; naturopathy; nutritional therapy; reflexology; reiki; shiatsu; sports therapy and yoga therapy.
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